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  • Testimonials About the Individual Sessions

  • "Rosalind’s techniques helped dramatically.

    After my miscarriage I found it very hard to move on, and come to terms with things. Feelings of loss, anger, bitterness and failure would invade my thoughts and I found it hard to feel 'on the ball' with life.


    Rosalind’s sympathetic and proactive approach enabled me to learn to deal with these thoughts and feelings myself. Going to see her was a real turning point in my healing process.”

    C.H. Cambridgeshire

  • “Thanks ever so much Rosalind. You have been a massive help.”

    Joanne, Peterborough

  • “Powerful. Calming. Focused.

    Through the use of both tapping and TAT, all of my conscious and subconscious worrying has been put to rest, many of which are linked to everlasting thoughts of miscarriage and the inability to carry a child.


    I have tried a variety of holistic approaches, but TAT and tapping have been amazing - I really didn't believe I could overcome my anxieties. Just try it!”

    Debbie, St. Ives

  • “Thank you so much.

    I am already calmer, more peaceful and more contained.”

    Jill, Cambridge

  • “I have attended a number of TAT sessions with Rosalind, each a powerful and moving experience.

    The last session was particularly so as I wanted to tackle the trauma of losing an unborn life. Throughout the session I was guided and supported by Rosalind in a thoughtful and calm way, helping me to heal some deep and painful traumas.


    TAT helps you to recognise and let go in a deep and moving way, leaving a calm where previously there had lived a storm.”

    Sara Hogg

  • "From our first Skype call, I knew Rosalind was the help I needed.

    I first found Rosalind in the aftermath of a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. Although it was a planned pregnancy, it had happened very quickly and I was very apprehensive about becoming a mother and what it meant for my life, career, and marriage.


    When I discovered I miscarried I was in a world of pain that I can't even describe, incredible mourning mixed with overwhelming guilt, and my experience in the hospital after was horrible and isolating. My coach at the time knew I needed more help, and the NHS would not refer me to a counsellor or therapist, so she referred me to Rosalind.


    From our first Skype call, I knew Rosalind was the help I needed. The fact that she had been through the same thing I experienced was so comforting and made me feel I could say and clear what I needed to.


    The Skype sessions worked really well: I could see Rosalind, so I could mimic what she was doing, and she could see me to help as well. Rosalind taught me a way to cope with my grief.

    We dove straight in and focused on healing..." Read More


    Vickie G, London (UK) / Houston (USA)

  • "I feel much easier about the miscarriage now and far more peaceful.

    "I suffered a miscarriage in 2001. I remember attending my brother's wedding, feeling sick but also deliriously happy because I was going to have a baby. Two weeks later there were many tears and no baby.


    Since then I've been fortunate enough to have two healthy daughters, but the baby that disappeared was still a presence and a grief in my life.


    The session with Rosalind was immensely helpful. I felt able to 'let go' of that baby and allow him or her to completely pass onto wherever it is that babies go when they don't get born.

    The session enabled me to realise that the grief I went through – and, to a certain extent, was still suffering - was perfectly normal.


    I feel much easier about the miscarriage now and far more peaceful about it. I would recommend Rosalind very highly indeed not only for her sensitivity, tact and deep understanding, but also for her vision of what is possible: a place of love and acknowledgment of that life that did not come to pass, without pain and grief for that brief life."


    Mary, Cambridge

  • "Rosalind is a warm, kind, knowledgeable therapist who I feel safe with.

    I worked with Rosalind after I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I had a "D and C" in hospital, and was horrified to discover when I came round from the anaesthetic that I was in a ward with young women recovering from terminations, where the nursing staff had been forced to put me, owing to a shortage of beds. It made a very painful and upsetting experience much worse, listening to them talking.


    Rosalind helped me to use EFT on my distressing memories of this experience, so that they went away. I thought the process we used would be very upsetting, but I was surprised to find that it wasn't..." Read More


    S.J. St. Ives

  • Testimonials About the Video Support Program

  • “Can I just say what a gift you have given me.

    I’ve just taken the time to do the tapping video ‘I’m not to blame for my miscarriage.’ Oh my word emotions, that came up even though it was 5 years ago. This is going to be huge for me. Thank you xxxx!”

    Anna, San Francisco

  • "Clear, simple and practical.

    I just wanted to say how much I valued your video. I found your presentation style so calming, it was clear, simple and practical. I was left with a good basic understanding and feeling confident to use the technique. In fact I’ve been using it today. Thank you.”

    PL, London

  • "Thank you so much for this video!

    It made me feel very relaxed and sleepy. It also helped me to realize that the grieving process is much longer than I thought — in my case, 5 months after my second miscarriage.”

    Maaseja, London

  • “A totally worthwhile investment!

    Love the video. Thanks very much for that. I have watched it, and it’s great.”


    Julie, London

  • "Best thing I ever did.

    Doing ok at the moment. I am tapping like mad! It seems to be keeping me very level at the moment.”


    JB, Norwich

  • “I felt really relaxed all day and slept a lot better.”

    SR, Cambridge

  • "You have helped me beyond anything I am trying right now.

    Thank you so much Rosalind. It’s so simple, your techniques, and I so enjoy feeling joy and peace today. I have had an amazing breakthrough today. Namaste"


    Jax Brennan