• It’s very common after a miscarriage to be upset and sad, and not to feel like yourself.

    Perhaps you think you should be over this by now, or maybe those around you think that. You may have memories which you would prefer to forget, and that’s not helping.

  • Individual Sessions with Rosalind

    In this kind of situation it can be reassuring to be taken care of and supported by someone who has been there and understands.

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    I’m an experienced miscarriage support therapist.

    I’ve been helping women to feel better since 2004.


    Although I’ve had 12 miscarriages myself, the tools I’ve used on myself over the years (“tapping” and TAT) have brought me to where it now feels as if I've had none. I want to share those tools with you, to help you to feel better during this painful time.

  • “From our first Skype call, I knew Rosalind was the help I needed.

    The fact that she had been through the same thing I experienced was so comforting and made me feel I could say and clear what I needed to.


    The Skype sessions worked really well: I could see Rosalind, so I could mimic what she was doing, and she could see me to help as well. Rosalind taught me a way to cope with my grief.”


    Vickie G, Houston

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    What is an Individual Session?

    During an Individual Session with me, using Skype or FaceTime, you won’t have to talk about what you’ve been through (unless you want to) and you won’t have to work hard or concentrate (probably the last thing you feel like doing).


    We’ll use simple but very powerful and effective self-help tools, “tapping” (EFT*) and TAT, which will change the way you feel. I’ll gently support and guide you through the whole process, which is easy and painless and is all done from the comfort of your own home.

  • “Powerful. Calming. Focused.

    Through the use of both tapping and TAT, all of my conscious and subconscious worrying has been put to rest, many of which are linked to everlasting thoughts of miscarriage and the inability to carry a child.


    I have tried a variety of holistic approaches, but TAT and tapping have been amazing - I really didn't believe I could overcome my anxieties. Just try it!”


    Debbie, St Ives

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    Benefits of Individual Sessions include...

    • Reducing stress, leaving you feeling peaceful and more in control
    • Helping you to feel calmer, and sleep better
    • Taking the emotional distress away from unpleasant memories, painlessly and gently (without talking about them or re-living any of it) leaving you feeling lighter and at peace
    • Kindly and gently easing the grieving process
    • Giving you powerful and effective self-help tools which you can use in a wide range of circumstances to help you feel better, any time you need it (including during medical treatment)
    • Helping you feel able to deal with the uncertainty, anxiety and the emotional rollercoaster of trying to (and becoming) pregnant again, if that is what you choose, leaving you feeling happier, more confident and more at ease.
  • How do Individual Sessions work?

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    Using Zoom, FaceTime or Skype these sessions usually take place at weekly or two-weekly intervals.


    This is typically over the course of 3 months, but longer or shorter timescales are possible, depending on what you are going through and what you would like support with.


    The first session is 90 minutes, and subsequent sessions last an hour.


    If you would like to arrange a session, please:


    The price for a first 90 minute session is £80.

    Subsequent 60 minute sessions are £65.


    (here's a currency converter)


    If you are in the UK and would like to pay by BACS, please email me.


    You can pay for a session here:


  • * Note: While EFT seems to have supported remarkable changes in many emotional and physical issues to date, it should not be used instead of appropriate medical care. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of self-treatment.

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