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"Rosalind is a warm, kind, knowledgeable therapist who I feel safe with."


“I worked with Rosalind after I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I had a "D and C" in hospital, and was horrified to discover when I came round from the anaesthetic that I was in a ward with young women recovering from terminations, where the nursing staff had been forced to put me, owing to a shortage of beds. It made a very painful and upsetting experience much worse, listening to them talking.

Rosalind helped me to use EFT on my distressing memories of this experience, so that they went away. I thought the process we used would be very upsetting, but I was surprised to find that it wasn't.

She helped me to keep it all at a distance as we "tapped," until it no longer hurt when I thought about it.

She describes it as being like watching television; I know it happened, but there are no more painful feelings associated with it. It all feels very distant and in the past, and I have been able to put it fully behind me.

Learning how to use EFT has changed my life, and I'm glad Rosalind taught me how to use it. It is a skill which I use regularly, in many different areas of my work and home life.

Rosalind is a warm, kind, knowledgeable therapist who I feel safe with. She has amazing skills and I would never hesitate to turn to her when I need that extra bit of help.”

S.J. St. Ives